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Clinical Research

Dr. Movic’s experience as a contact lens researcher allows him to use advanced products that will not be available for 2-3 years.  He has participated in over 125 different contact lens and contact lens solutions studies for most of the large manufacturers.


The goals are are to develop lenses and solutions that increase health benefits, improve vision and lengthen comfortable wearing time. The best way for them to determine if these goals are being met are to ask for contact lens wearers to try these products and give their opinion. All of the projects are monitored and reviewed by the FDA and independent Institutional Review Boards.


Patients enjoy participating in these projects. If you are a contact lens patient that is interested in participating in a study, send us an email. The different protocols require specific ages, prescriptions, lens brands and wearing experience. We will let you know if a new protocol comes up that you would be eligible for.  Patients are typically reimbursed for their help with these clinical trials.


Preferred Provider of Google Glass

Dr. Movic has been authorized as a Google Glass Preferred Provider, by Google, Inc.  Dr. Movic’s preparation was completed at the Google Glass Basecamp, a Google training center in New York City’s Chelsea Market.  At the Google Glass Basecamp, preferred providers are trained to fit and prescribe custom Rx lenses for Google Glass.  The hands-on experience also included learning Glass features and functions.  


Google Glass is basically a small computer, with camera and a virtual display screen projected above the wearer’s right eye.  The image on the virtual screen appears at a point that is 11 ½ feet in front of the user.  Glass lets wearer surf the web, ask for directions, and take photos or videos, using voice or touch commands.  Glass also lets people read their email, share photos, talk on the phone and translate phrases.  Google Glass pairs with your smart phone to get connectivity.


As a Glass Preferred provider, Dr Movic can provide specifically designed eyeglass frames and prescription lenses that integrate with the Google Glass.



Ohio Wesleyan University, with honors, Chemistry

Illinois College of Optometry, with honors, Optometry degree

University of Missouri School of Optometry, Management of Glaucoma, Ocular Disease and Ocular Emergencies

National Institute of Health, training for “Protecting Human Research Participants”

FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health, “Good Clinical Practices”


Dr. Movic has been in practice in Bloomington for 33 years. He has enjoyed practicing Optometry during those years. His goal is to be the best Optometrist he can.  Over  the years, he has done tens of thousands of eye exams, and have learned much from those experiences.   Dr. Movic:


Wilson W. Movic, O.D., F.A.A.O.